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DPPA President’s Message

Penny Messer, DPPA President 2017-18

Welcome to the 102nd year for the Detroit Professional Photographer Association! 

Yes, we are one of the oldest photographer’s associations in Michigan, if not the country.  There are so many reasons why DPPA has flourished throughout the years.  The ability to connect to great artistry and knowledge of our craft from the fellow photographers and vendors we have in our membership is one major aspect of our association.  In today’s world of information at our fingertips, we can learn right at our desks if we have a question about some singular problem we want to solve.  But, there is nothing like being able to pick up a piece of equipment, use it and learn from an instructor or fellow photographer in real time.  That is where DPPA makes a difference.

This year we are making a change in location to better serve the members.  ProCam in Livonia has offered their studio space for us to use every month.  We are bringing in speakers on subjects you have requested on the meeting surveys submitted throughout the last year. Workshops and social events are also being planned.   Mark your calendar for the third Tuesday of every month, starting in September, for the DPPA meetings.

Even though we are enjoying the summertime swing, the competition year begins in November.   As you are surveying your work and envisioning what you want to accomplish, think about submitting your images.  By being a part of the competition process, you learn from the best of the best and get the critique to hone your craft as your journey continues.  It does mean putting yourself out there, but that is part of growth; pushing yourself beyond what you think you can do.  I am still on my journey, and I thank all the photographers in our group that have encouraged me and honestly reviewed my work to make me a better photographer.  Nowhere else is there a greater group of people than in our association willing to help one another and lift each other up to a higher professional and artistic level.

I am very honored to be your new President for DPPA.  I am following in the footsteps of many great photographers who have kept the DPPA relevant for us all.   Thank you to all the board members that have continued to work on this board.  Your DPPA Board is dedicated to bringing you, the member, the quality education and networking you deserve with your membership. 

Together, we will continue the tradition of education, networking and high ethical standards in our profession.  DPPA is the place to be!

Penny Messer

President DPPA 2017-18

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