president's message

Dear Member s,

As we approach our New Year I want to reach out to you all and introduce myself as the new President for the 2020-2021 DPPA Year. I hope you all and your loved ones are safe, healthy and well. Most may already know me and I look forward to seeing you all as soon as we can get together for some socializing and learning more and more on new techniques at all of our upcoming workshops. My name is Holly Romaya and I am a wedding/event and portrait photographer in the Metro Detroit area. I have been a board member for about 4 years and have being doing the social media marketing and sometimes photography during our workshops and events. It truly is an honor to take over the reins from Mari Latozas. She has given me such big shoes to fill and I hope to make her proud of my leadership and hope that you as members are getting all you can out of your membership.

I know for all of us we have had tough decisions to make not only personal but professional wise as well with the challenges we are all facing with this virus that had hit the world hard. I believe together we can do great things and rise above not just as individuals but as a community.

I want you all to know that your board is working hard to make sure it is education packed and fun for you all! Though we do not know what will happen between now and September we are planning a head to make sure that our September kick off will be happening in person or online. We have local wedding photographers Ray Anthony who is one of this country s top wedding photojournalist to talk about his thinking process and concept on capturing the magic of a wedding. Also one of your favorite members wedding photographer Sam Sarkis will be joining him as well to talk about his process and concepts as a wedding photography. Between these two amazing photographers I am sure we can take so much away and learn some new tips and tricks on how we proceed with our clients on a wedding day or during a portrait session.

If at any time you feel the need to reach out to make suggestions to your board about anything whether it be big or small I would like you to know that I take your comments and concerns seriously and appreciate anything that will help make DPPA a better experience for you or anyone current/ new member.

Keep an eye out on your email and Facebook for new info and what s coming to your Detroit Professional Photographers new year.

Holly Romaya